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From the outset, we have taken meticulous care of our products by using over 30 years of experience to keep striving and evolving for our customers’ benefit.

Our presence in over 10,000 establishments in Spain has provided us with the necessary experience to broaden our horizons and break into foreign markets such as France, Holland, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Poland…


Armonia Beyond Nature

“Armonia” is the balance of proportions between the different parts of a whole.

Armonía Cosmética Natural, founded in Ibiza in 1980, is a Spanish brand belonging to a family enterprise that provides high-quality cosmetics for beauty and skin care, with proven results.

By selecting the most effective active ingredients, controlling the source of raw materials and studying the right formulae for each skin typeArmonía Cosmética Naturalsuccessfully combines the benefits of natural extracts that nature gives us in their purest state, with cutting edge scientific research.

Under the principles of ethics and sustainability of natural, organic cosmetics, which also regulate the use of certain ingredients, concentrations of active ingredients and production methods, our laboratories develop the most suitable formulae to satisfy all skin requirements at every stage in life through unique and exclusive manufacturing processes by the brand.

The balance between the quality of raw materials, the right concentration of active ingredients and the rational use of traditional ingredients with proven cosmetic effectiveness, has been the key to Armonía Cosmética Natural’s renown as a leading brand of natural cosmetics with high added value and prestige with loyal customers all over the world.

Pioneers in Spain in the manufacture of certifified, organic cosmetic products, our laboratory has been certifified byECOCERT®, to ISO manufacturing, quality and environmental management standards, as well as GMP standards which guarantee compliance with the latest standards and laws regulating cosmetics at European level in terms of safety and information for consumers.

Armonía products avoid using paraben preservatives, petrochemical derivatives and silicones, genetically modified ingredients, phenoxyethanol or other ingredients that could be considered harmful for the skin or body in the long term.

Likewise, Armonía products contain 100% natural, organic active ingredients, organic vegetable oils, fl oral water and other organic ingredients, some of which are from small producers or farming associations, thus modestly contributing to sustainable development of rural areas.


Ecocert is the first certification body to develop a standard for “Natural, Organic Cosmetics”.

In order to guarantee a cosmetic product that respects the environment, the Ecocert standard establishes:

The use of ingredients from renewable resources and modified through procedures respectful with the environment. Therefore, Ecocert checks for:
The absence of any genetically modified products, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, synthetic aromas and colourants, ingredients of animal origin (except natural products such as milk, honey, etc.).
Biodegradability or recyclability of the packaging.

The minimum threshold of natural ingredients from organic farming required in order to be awarded the certificate:
In all cases, a minimum percentage of 95% of all ingredients used must be natural or from a natural source.

In order to obtain the Organic Cosmetics label:
– A minimum percentage of 95% of the plant ingredients must be from organic farming.
– A minimum percentage of 10% of all ingredients must be from organic farming.

In order to obtain the Natural Cosmetics label:
– A minimum percentage of 50% of the plant ingredients must be from organic farming.
– A minimum percentage of 5% of all ingredients must be from organic farming.

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